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Christmas is a time when the family or very close people get together and enjoy "being together" jointly.

During the Christmas season, one believes and hopes that something special will happen. And when this magic is created, you feel very happy.

One of my students (7 years), her name is Ina, once told me that she would like to compose a Christmas piece in piano lessons and that in the story the main character should definitely be a boy called Benedict!

We worked on the piece over the course of a month: created the concept in pairs and then I formed the story developed from the conception into 25 free rhymes. We also discussed the musical part of the piece together in class. I played Ina different music themes that I had come up with in class and she gave me her opinion whether we use this or the other theme. 

A total of 12 musical numbers were performed, including some as leitmotifs.

Without Ina, the Christmas story would not have been created.

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